Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New Craft Bookfolding Cat in Heart

I decided to try a new craft this month.  It's called bookfolding.  I jumped in with both feet and tried an advanced patterned called a combi-fold, meaning, you fold top and bottom, then cut and fold the middle.  The pattern is on called "Cat in Heart" from Daena Haun at Legacy Folds.  She shared this pattern with me and modified it to fit my book.  I still managed to miscalculate and came up a few pages short, but not too bad for a first attempt at bookfolding.  Thank Daena for the encouragement to try!  I still want to finish it by decorating it and will add it to my blog again then.


ike said...

Eeeeee !!! How super amazing !!! I love this so much. Well done you for giving this a try. I have seen things I would like to do but haven't managed to have a go yet ! LoL
IKE xxx

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Tazmadazz said...

Thank you Ike! You should try it, it isn't as difficult as it looks. :-)

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