Monday, October 17, 2011

Flowers for Rusty

After Rusty our beloved 20 1/2 year fur baby kitty died last year in August, we were sent a lovely flower arrangement in his memory.  I loved it so much I decided then I would remake it in silk as close as possible to place beside his little wooden urn to brighten his spot in the room.  It took several months and seasons to get all the flowers and some time to get over the grief to do it.  Then when I finally got it all put together we had nothing in the house to mix the permanent water in as once you use something with it, it is unusable again.  Last week I finally got the last thing, the permanent water done and Rusty now has this lovely flower arrangement that is similar to the one that was sent beside his urn. Flowers are not something sent from our vet to many patients and it meant so much to us.  I thought those that knew Rusty might like to see the flower arrangement I did, as they heard me promising to do it.  :-)


CCfromoz said...

Taz that is beautiful, what a wonderful gift from the Vet, he really was part of their family too

Tazmadazz said...

Thank you CC, from you that means so much!

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